Who can CrossFit?

Anyone who has the desire to improve can CrossFit. Most of our members have started CrossFit with us and would have it no other way. We have had people of all ages come by and start. It is only too late to start if you keep waiting for “tomorrow.”

Is CrossFit hard?

CrossFit is a culmination of successful training methods from gymnastics to Olympic lifting. It covers many skills that each can take years to master. The mastery of these skills is taught inside and outside of our class to constantly improve you physical and mental fitness. Most of the time it is just a will power battle.

Is there an easy way?

We set our members up for success by making their training work for them not against them. We teach each activity in numerous different ways to accommodate for first timers or veterans. Our Foundations program is designed to get people moving correctly. This has proven to be our quickest and most successful path to the WOD (Work out of the Day). Foundations focuses on learning the technique and form before worrying about intensity and weight.

What is Foundations?

Our Foundations program is designed to teach the basic barbell Olympic lifts along with introducing other pieces of fitness equipment. It is 4 small (4 people or less) class that progresses through the basics of things you may never know you were doing wrong to things you may never have thought you could do. We start by fixing the basic movements such as the push-up, the sit-up, and the squat. Then we begin the CrossFit journey with paths for success in Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Metabolic Conditioning.

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