• Chris Arcure Owner / Coach

    Chris’s CrossFit career began 11 years ago after 18 years as a martial arts instructor and tournament fighter. After his first CrossFit workout he decided this was the activity for him. 11 years later he is still working out and coaching others. Chris has trained thousands of people throughout the years including United States Army and Marines. Chris designed and developed the strength and conditioning program at Huron Valley Volleyball club and has worked closely with several area other schools in sports specific conditioning and injury prevention. Wolverine Strength is his home away from home.Some say that his favorite animal is steak, and that he once hospitalized a brick! All we know is, If you ever need anything, just ask Chris. He knows a guy…

  • Thomas Reesbeck Owner/Coach

    Thomas has a natural passion to help people and to learn from them. This passion has followed him into sports and fitness. Studying Bio-Mechanics in college, learning many diverse sports, and staying constantly challenged continued this trend. Tom played soccer for years, will still wrestle if anyone would let him, and is always ready for a new adventure or just play a game of anything.Thomas found CrossFit when searching for a better type of gym after he moved out to Michigan from New Jersey. Lifting weights and running is fun, but learning from Youtube, Wikipedia, and Books just didn’t replace the successful feeling of being coached.  Playing sports under a good coach was always more successful. He sought out CrossFit for the community and the coaching, and never looked back.Along the adventure of CrossFit, Thomas continued training, learning, and studying to get his Level 1. Then continued to learn from everyone he met and on this journey met similar awesome people. This resulted in developing the bond between athletes and coaches. Eventually creating a better CrossFit gym without any limits with many great people.


    CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    First Aid Certified

    CPR/AED Certified

  • Mike O’Brien Head Coach

    A fitness professional since 1999, Mike O’Brien’s mission is to serve the community by providing coaching, programming and customer service of the highest quality. He demands continuous improvement in these areas, from himself and his staff.   Mike has coached over 100,000 athletes and has logged over 100,000 hours training others. To develop and refine his skills as a fitness trainer, Mike has worked with over twenty established personal trainers, group fitness instructors and coaches. But Mike has never settled in his study—he is always working to learn new coaching skills, new methods of injury prevention and new ideas for fitness programming.   Prior to his career in athletic training, Mike was an early childhood educator for a decade, until a back injury inspired him to learn about human physiology. That study ignited a passion to teach others about injury prevention, and prompted Mike to shift his educational focus to athletics. His keen interest in injury prevention has never died, and   Mike is known for taking great interest in his clients’ injuries, demonstrating specific stretching and strengthening techniques to assist in recovery and developing modifications of exercises to allow clients to continue making fitness strides without exacerbating existing injuries.  


    CPR and First Aid
    CrossFit Level 1 and 2
    CrossFit Coaches Prep Course
    CrossFit Endurance
    CrossFit Gymnastics
    CrossFit Kettlebell
    CrossFit Kids
    CrossFit Powerlifting
    USAW Level 1

  • John Loudermilk Coach

    CrossFit Level 1 TrainerFire Fighter

  • Nick Pataro Coach

    Nick is a movement philanthropist who can’t get enough of a good challenge. This willingness to fail and eventually succeed has driven Nick to be the determined individual he is today. With a background in wrestling and gymnastics, he enjoys bodyweight workouts with lots of muscle ups.   Nick began strength and conditioning when he was sophomore in H.S. with the help of an upper classman. Starting weight training to better his wrestling career Nick dove into what it took to be stronger, faster and better all leading him to pursue Exercise Physiology in college.   Always wanting to get the best out of people, Nick was a natural teacher even when he was young. Beginning coaching wrestling when he was a freshman in H.S. it was a natural transition to start a fitness (unofficial CrossFit) club once he was in college. Even outside the gym, Nick is constantly analyzing movement. It is this passion that makes him care about his athletes so much.   Find joy in everything you do. Life is as good as you make it.


    B.S. Exercise Physiology

    CrossFit Level 1

    USAW Sport Performance Cert

  • Will Wakefield Coach

    Will, an Ann Arbor native, was a 7-time All-American swimmer at Kenyon College. His passion for athletics and competition led him back to a career in coaching after graduation. With over 15 years of experience coaching athletes of all ages and ability levels from beginners to Olympic Trials qualifiers, Will has a passion to help others exceed their goals.

    While working as an NCAA swim coach, Will was designing the team’s strength program and found CrossFit. He immediately recognized its potential for his athletes, and 7 years later, CrossFit is still an integral part of his life. An eternal student of sport and competition, he is constantly learning about health, coaching, and how to inspire others to be better athletes.

    Will believes that there are many fundamental commonalities that can translate from CrossFit to almost all other sports. He is passionate about helping everyone find their inner athlete, living life injury-free, and pushing beyond their perceived limits.


    CPR/AED, First Aid and Lifeguarding

    CrossFit Level 1

    Crossfit Mobility

    USA Swimming Certified Coach

    ASCA Level 2 Coach

    Certified Pool Operator

  • Zach Lemis Coach

    Zach graduated University of Michigan in 2012. There he played four years of Ultimate Frisbee for the university. During his time on the team, Zach served as the lifting and conditioning captain. He programmed and lead workouts ranging from strength, speed, agility, and endurance. This all all before he learned about the sport of Crossfit.Zach first started Crossfit after finding out one of his coaches was also a Crossfit coach at a local gym. He brought Zach into the scene to supplement his Ultimate Frisbee training. After a few classes, Zach was hooked. It reminded him of the workouts he lead for the team. But instead of focusing on only one facet at a time, it mixed them all up into a comprehensive fitness program.After graduating, he began focusing more and more on Crossfit while still staying active in Ultimate Frisbee. Zach has been an assistant coach for the University of Michigan’s men’s Ultimate Frisbee team for the past three years. He has a passion for coaching. To him, the only reasonable next step from there was to coach his other passion, Crossfit.


    CrossFit Level 1

    USAW Sport Performance Cert

  • Matt Alford Coach

    Matt first became interested in strength and conditioning after taking a weightlifting class in high school. After following a more traditional style of training, he was first exposed to CrossFit in 2007 during his time in the Marine Corps. Training under a level 1 certified coach for three years in the service inspired him to pursue a fitness profession upon completing his time in the Marines. In the years following his discharge, Matt completed many fitness related courses including a degree in physical therapy. Matt has since gained a large body of knowledge from filling a variety of fitness related roles including CrossFit coach, Personal Trainer, and a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. Matt believes in having a mindset of continuous learning and improvement to offer a style of training that is second to none.


    B.S. PTA

    CrossFit Level 1

    USAW Level One Sport Performance Coach

    NETA Personal Trainer Certification

  • Lochrane Gary Coach

    My fitness life began in 2001… as a 330 lb 18 year old with little promise for a life you’d want to live. March of that year I went in for an emergency appendectomy. After surgery my physician related to me that there were complications while I was under anesthesia. It was related to my heart. He warned me of the complications of being overweight and strongly suggested that I lose weight and take care of myself.

    For most of that year I struggled with how to change, but in October of 2001 I took control. I quit smoking, changed the way I was eating, and started walking/jogging everyday. Walking turned in jogging, jogging turned into running, and running turned into a gym membership with weightlifting. By May of 2002 I had lost 150 lbs and had forever changed my life. I have been able to keep the weight off for over 15 years.

    This was the catalyst for a life that I had always dreamed of. Within the next 3 years I had been invited as a walk on to play lacrosse at Florida State University, later named Captain, and played for 3 years until graduation. Since graduating from Florida State University, in 2007, I have worked consistently in the fitness industry. I have worked in big box health clubs, CrossFit facilities, and recently working with high school and college athletes. My passion is heavily rooted in the progression for each and every one of my clients. A well developed plan of attack can be the difference between frustration and success. I have worked to develop my expertise through study, certifications, and practical application. Through these experiences I have found the most satisfaction in working with people to motivate them to achieve a lifelong love of fitness and exercise. There is no greater joy in life than being able to express your fitness in your everyday life.


    ACSM – CPT

    CrossFit Level 1


    USAW Sports Performance Coach