Wolverine Strength And Conditioning

We sincerely want you to succeed in every aspect of your life. We currently focus on a strong community, great class programming, and friendly trainers. CrossFit will help everyone who can commit the time to it.

Anyone can start CrossFit at anytime. We have a great indoor, heated, and air conditioned facility. The summer’s heat has not stopped anyone from getting in shape, and the winter cold does not prevent parking. Everyone is always welcome here. We have over 35 parking spots!


Dedicated Trainers

We try to maintain a healthy ratio of trainers to athletes. The lead instructor guides everyone through the workout, while the support trainers help fix individual’s form.


Ann Arbor’s fastest growing CrossFit community wants to welcome you to a fun and safe fitness community. We have monthly events and tons of time to socialize between workouts. Come check us out; you are always welcome.

Getting Started

Our CrossFit workouts can be scaled up or down for any level of fitness. We have an optional on-boarding program.